State of the Discipline

As a response to increasingly poor professional outcomes for arts students, colleges and universities have been offering career-based courses and services for decades. However, in recent years this concern has gained national attention. Today, Entrepreneurship education in the fine arts is the most dynamic and exciting trend to appear in recent memory.

The field itself is in a shaping process and suffering the growing pains of any new effort. Given the suffix - "entrepreneurship" - much of the curricular content and thrust is drawn from the business school. Accounting, management and New Venture Creation (NVC) are weighted heavily in many Arts Entrepreneurship programs. Yet in the past decade, new ideas about the nature of entrepreneurship and arts higher education have begun to broaden the curriculum.

Arts administrators are wrestling with a number of issues in this context. Questions of curricular design are perhaps the most obvious. Yet as the financial realties of higher education funding collide with a sense of moral duty to the students they nurture for four or more years, decision makers are increasingly looking for the most effective method to a "successful student outcome" and the benefits institutions may enjoy thereafter.

The following pages describe the state of the discipline and the pressures that New Venture Creation experiences in Arts Entrepreneurship curricula.