Featured Early Stage Effort

Angela Beeching, Director of the
Manhattan School of Music’s Center for Music Entrepreneurship talks about the start up process for this new center. We should take note that with the proliferation of Arts Entrepreneurship education efforts in the past few years, those in Angela’s position have more resources available to quickly start such programs. You can read her interview here.

Diane Roscetti at the University of California at Northridge has spent roughly a year developing her music entrepreneurship course. In this interview, Diane shares her experiences during the process.

Perhaps the most interesting point that Diane shares with us concerns the weight of business topics in her class. This is a cogent and critical point that many in the Arts may not realize in the initial stages of program design.

We should note that as these efforts emerge, consensus building among peers and administration appears easier to acquire than it was even two years ago. The reasons for this are varied, obviously, but we must recognize that Arts Entrepreneurship education is growing and our collective efforts have made the development and institutionalization process smoother for others.

You can read Diane's interview

Tayloe Harding, Dean of the School of Music at the University of South Carolina and former President of the College Music Society briefs us on his development efforts at USC.

Program developers must address a myriad of issues. Logistics, finances and degree plans are a small sampling of the larger picture of implementation. In this interview, Tayloe discusses a number of solutions he developed at Valdosta State and some thoughts about entrepreneurship for music students at USC.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this interview is how Tayloe envisions Music Leadership as a student outcome. It is an extraordinarily concise and powerful view that I hope will assist many.

Also of interest is Tayloe's conception of entrepreneurship in the context of American music and leadership education. I trust this cogent view will inspire all who endeavor.

You can read Tayloe's interview