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Lisa Canning's Entrepreneur the Arts blog
Mark Clague’s
Putting the US in Music blog
Jim Undercofler’s
State of the Art blog

The Kauffman Foundation's "Entrepreneurship in American Higher Education" report - a highly anticipated document by some of the leaders in higher education has been released. This is a VERY important document for those of teaching Arts Entrepreneurship. It can be downloaded


FoundationCenter.org - Youth Interest in Entrepreneurship is Strong, Survey Finds.
Indiana University - Study Details Cultural and Economic Impact of IU Jacobs School of Music.
BusinessWeek.com - Teaching Musicians to be Entrepreneurs.
Peer Review - Shaver, Kelly. Reflections on a New Academic Path: Entrepreneurship in the Arts & Sciences.
Kathryn Cornelius - Creative Entrepreneurship: The Business Art and Art Business of Contemporary Artist Collectives.


For those of you wanting to inject Social Entrepreneurship into your courses,
Debbi Brock at Berea College provides this wonderful resource. Social Entrepreneurship Handbook

Liam Abramson - Writing the Perfect Sponsorship Proposal. (This is a *great* ebook for the classroom).

Fritz Fleischman - "Entrepreneurship as Emancipation: The History of An Idea." Fritz_Fleischman

Steven Spineli interviews Fleischman about the above paper -
MP3 NOTE: The link appears towards the bottom of this page).